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Here are my tips on how to save money on food in Tokyo and the rest of Japan, and enjoy tasty low-cost meals without compromising on quality, great flavor, and cultural thrills, contrary to popular belief. There are plenty of cheap eats and pocket-friendly restaurants – you just have to know where to look, as the Japanese hold their eating establishments to very high standards.

Tempura Don

Tempura is a traditional Japanese dish that features a variety of ingredients, typically seafood and vegetables, coated in a light and crispy batter and then deep-fried until golden and crunchy. The dish is beloved for its delicate texture and ability to showcase the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Price from 560¥ (4$ to 10$)

Tendon Tenya restuarant is everywhere ,they have a lot of branches around Tokyo, Yokoham



Yoshinoya’s gyudon is a budget-friendly and tasty beef rice bowl, featuring thinly sliced beef simmered in a flavorful sauce served over steamed rice, making it a delicious and satisfying meal option. As a regular customer, I always opt for the normal size, which is the most affordable choice. The prices vary depending on the size of the bowl, ranging from the normal size to the larger bowl options. Additionally, if you’re a meat lover and prefer a generous serving of beef in your bowl, you can customize your order to add extra meat for an additional cost. Yoshinoya offers flexibility to suit your preferences and appetite, ensuring a delightful dining experience for both your taste buds and your wallet.

426 Yen is around 3$ for the smallest bowl


Sushi ( kaiten SUSHI )

The 100 yen popular sushi in Japan is a beloved and affordable option for sushi enthusiasts. These sushi options, often found in conveyor belt sushi or “kaiten-zushi” restaurants, offer a delightful selection of bite-sized sushi at a wallet-friendly price.

Despite the low price, the quality of the sushi is generally satisfactory, with fresh fish and well-prepared rice. The chefs in these restaurants work efficiently to ensure a constant supply of delicious sushi, often made right in front of the customers. This fast-paced dining experience adds to the excitement and charm of enjoying affordable sushi in Japan.

sushi plates that parade in front of them on a conveyor belt. The colorful and tempting plates showcase a variety of sushi creations, including nigiri (rice topped with fish or seafood), maki rolls, gunkan (rice wrapped with seaweed and topped with ingredients), and sometimes even more adventurous options.

Each plate is usually labeled with a specific color, indicating its price, typically around 100 yen. Customers can freely pick their desired plates and indulge in a wide range of flavors and combinations. Once finished, the empty plates are stacked, and the total bill is calculated based on the number and color of the plates consumed.

This budget-friendly sushi option provides an accessible way for both locals and visitors to savor a variety of sushi without breaking the bank. It allows sushi lovers to sample different types of sushi, experiment with new flavors, and enjoy a fun and interactive dining experience.

the 100 yen popular sushi in Japan

Looking For Budget Meal

If you’re traveling as a group or solo traveler and looking for affordable meals, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Explore local markets and grocery stores: Consider buying fresh produce, snacks, and ready-to-eat meals from local markets or grocery stores. This can be a cost-effective way to enjoy meals while on the go.

  2. Look for budget-friendly restaurants: Research and find restaurants or eateries that offer affordable menus or special deals. Many places have happy hour promotions or discounted lunch menus that can help you save money.

  3. Share meals: Opt for sharing meals with your group. Many restaurants offer generous portion sizes, and splitting dishes can be a great way to save money while still enjoying a variety of flavors.

  4. Pack your own snacks: Bring along some snacks and drinks to keep you energized throughout the day. This can help prevent the need for frequent stops at expensive convenience stores or cafes.

  5. Take advantage of hotel amenities: If your accommodation provides complimentary breakfast or other meal options, make sure to take full advantage of them. This can help you start the day with a satisfying meal without additional cost.


Remember to plan ahead and research your dining options in advance to find the best deals and make the most of your budget while enjoying your group travel experience.

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