how to get to sky shibuya


Sky Shibuya

It is located on the rooftop of Shibuya Scramble Square and offers stunning views of Tokyo.Experience the mesmerizing skyline of Shibuya from new heights at Sky Shibuya. Nestled atop one of Tokyo’s iconic buildings, Sky Shibuya offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to soak in breathtaking 360-degree views of the cityscape. With its rooftop vantage point, this hidden gem provides an unforgettable perspective, capturing the vibrant energy and architectural marvels that define Shibuya. Whether it’s the pulsating lights of Shibuya Crossing, the towering skyscrapers, or the panoramic beauty of the surrounding neighborhoods, Sky Shibuya invites you to witness the metropolis from a whole new dimension. Don’t miss your chance to elevate your visit to Shibuya and indulge in the awe-inspiring panorama that awaits you at Sky Shibuya

ADDRESS: 〒150-6145 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Shibuya, 2-chōme−24−12 14階・45階・46階・屋上


From Tokyo Station to Shibuya:

  1. Take the JR Yamanote Line (Green Line) from Tokyo Station to Shibuya Station. Shibuya is a major stop on the Yamanote Line.

From Yokohama to Shibuya:

  1. Take the JR Tokaido Line or the Yokohama Line from Yokohama Station to Shinagawa Station.
  2. Transfer to the JR Yamanote Line at Shinagawa Station and take a train to Shibuya Station.

From Haneda Airport to Shibuya:

  1. Take the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 to Hamamatsucho Station.
  2. Transfer to the JR Yamanote Line at Hamamatsucho Station and take a train to Shibuya Station.

Alternate Route from Haneda Airport to Shibuya:

  1. Take the Keikyu Airport Line from Haneda Airport International Terminal Station to Shinagawa Station.
  2. Transfer to the JR Yamanote Line at Shinagawa Station and take a train to Shibuya Station.

These are general directions, and travel times may vary based on schedules and connections. Be sure to check train schedules and platforms at the stations, as well as any potential disruptions or changes. It’s also advisable to have an IC card (such as Suica or Pasmo) for seamless travel on different train lines in Tokyo.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend using navigation apps like Google Maps, HyperDia, Japan transit-Planner or official transportation websites. This will help you plan your route based on real-time information and any possible changes.


To reach the Shibuya Scramble Square building and access Shibuya Sky, follow these steps:

Exit Shibuya Station: When you arrive at Shibuya Station, make your way by following the signage towards the Hachiko Exit. This particular exit is a primary departure point within the Shibuya Station complex and is frequently used as a point of reference.

Guidance to Shibuya Scramble Square: As you arrive in Hachiko , proceed straightforward in the direction of the renowned Shibuya Crossing, also recognized as the Shibuya  Crossing. As you draw near to this area, shortly before reaching the crossing itself, make a right turn. On this route, you’ll come across a slender pathway situated beneath the railway tracks. Continue along this pathway, and as you continue forward, the striking Shibuya Scramble Square building, housing Shibuya Sky, will come into view on your right-hand side.

Locate the Exterior Elevator: Upon your arrival at Shibuya Scramble Square, shift your attention to the exterior elevator positioned on the left-hand side. It’s essential to note that you should not enter the mall at this juncture. Look out for directional signs or information points that will guide you towards Shibuya Sky, the observation deck.

facing the elevator , you can see the buses in your left hand side

I recommended to purchase tickets in advance through the official Shibuya Scramble Square website. Please note that online tickets are allocated to specific time slots on specific dates.


I would suggest considering a visit to Shibuya Sky around 5 pm and staying until the evening. This timing allows you to appreciate both the daytime and nighttime views, enhancing your experience with a captivating transition between daylight and the city’s illuminated beauty.

Experience Shibuya Sky: Upon reaching the observation deck, immerse yourself in the captivating panorama of Shibuya and Tokyo from an elevated perspective. Shibuya Sky delivers breathtaking views, making it a favored destination for both tourists and locals alike.

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